Waiting for a spring

Again it is that time of the year that I am waiting that the spring arrives. Two more months and snow starts melting. One sure sign of the spring is when seagulls will arrive.

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Springs also been on my mind lately. But a far way for me and in September. Springs always the nicest time of year. Flowers are in bloom. Weathers almost perfect and people always seem so much more happier and friendlier. Even the birds sound so much more happier.

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I love to have a twelve pack picnic in spring.

Last spring I wrote that I wanted to go camping in the summer but it never happened. Maybe in this summer I go camping. Here where I am we have a lot of forest areas, I used to play in some forests when I was a child. It is a funny thing, in the summer when it has been hot long enough one is waiting for cooler temperatures, but after many months of this winter one is waiting for the next summer. In this winter I have not been particularly depressed, which is good and now days are getting longer.

Ahh spring, ducks flying back in a “V” formation headed North, new kittens arrive on the back porch(!), new green grass pushes up through the soft warm earth.

The air has a sweet fresh smell.

The older I get the more I resemble the reptile skin that seeks out the warmth of the sun and sit for hours (ok, more like a few minutes) soaking up the heat that bring life back into my body.

Spring is the anti-depressant I love best.


I love to look at men showing off their “6-pack” (abs), does that mean you are twice as nice to look at? :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I’m eagerly awaiting autumn (fall) - my best season! Just over a month away! Glad the days are getting shorter, summer is really hard. I love the long nights of winter!

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Ya I cant wait for spring either. I love temperature in the spring time. Plus it will be nice to be able to where shorts and a T-shirt again.

Here’s one…

Oh, you mean this…

A spring in the spring

Yes, I am hoping about a month or a little more away now

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I wish it did. In truth, it means I have a beer gut.

We’re actually having a pretty mild winter here. It’s pretty nice. Snow sucks. Fun for like 5 minutes then it’s just bs.

i sun bathe all through summer, im obessed with tanning

Woo yeah spring. Bring on the spring. Walking to night classes in freezing temps lost its charm real quick I tell ya.

There weather here as been oddly warm… It’s tricked a lot of the spring bulbs into starting to show early.

It’s odd seeing crocus in January. I usually see them wake up in March.

I’m looking forward to spring too.

Here the birds are beginning to begin.

Every fall I tell myself that that was my last garden. It’s gotten to be too difficult for me —mostly the planting and moving the containers around. My garden patches on the ground have pretty much gone to weed. i cannot bend or kneel anymore, My mint patch is tenacious enough to continue to grow. I love making sun tea in the summer with mint and lemon balm and green tea.
i love growing and drying herbs. They taste SO much better than the store bought ones. Maybe i will do it again. It breaks my heart to see my gardening abilities dwindle as these diseases take my strength and dexterity away. I love summer days,…sitting out on my deck with a pitcher of iced tea and watching the birds and squirrels and smelling the sun on my herbs all around me in their containers.

Has anyone ever cooked fiddleheads? I’ve heard you can brown them in a little butter and they are delicious. (fiddleheads are baby ferns…they are all curled up into a spiral.) I’m thinking I might try them this year. I know where there is a big patch of them.

Ah yes spring is on it’s way. I have been noting that although very slow the days are already getting longer. I always feel that once the month of January has gone then spring will soon be here. I always feel mentally full charged in spring. Perhaps instead of having schizophrenia I have seasonal affective Disorder

Spring WAS on it’s way…this was last week …daffodils budding and hyacinths coming up

This is today…pretty, but…Winter ATTACKS ! Brrr.

This is due to the Siberian snow pack being large this year and the west is getting the effects of it now… Siberian snow pack includes a large part of Finland as well…


Thankfully it has been on and off with temps ranging from -5 to 72 F…but when the cold hits it has hit hard…predicting a -10 tomorrow! brrrr…

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