Who excited for the spring i am

omg im so sick of winter, i want the spring to come, nice warm weather. how about you guys.


I can’t wait!

The prospect of this Spring is greater than Spring itself!

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How do you write like that? I’m kidding a little bit - I think I know it’s because your multi-lingual. But it’s so fun reading how you string words together. I’m sure everyone sees it the same way and I hope I didn’t spoil it for you by me attaching these words to it all. Sheesh I gotta try Babel(Babble?) or some things like that!!!

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Anyway you also ‘think good thoughts’ like gummy worms and springtime.

I’m really excited about the latter to answer your question!

I’m gonna try to get back into watching Yankee baseball!! I miss the sound of the bat and ball and seeing the green grass and I have nostalgia about baseball cards and how we’d collect them and try to guesstimate who might have a good season.

I want spring, but only if summer never comes.

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It’s at least warming up a bit here, right @oe1489?

I can’t wait for even warmer and sunnier days.

I’m ready for Spring, but here in Michigan it only lasts about week and go directly to Summer.


I want summer, don’t care all too much for spring :slight_smile:

I want to be sweating again, rather sweat to death than be cold

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I also want spring.

I’m super excited about Spring! About sitting outside on my new furniture out on the balcony. I could actually venture outside today without a coat or sweater.

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I’m looking forward to photographing growing things.

Yeah, that’s the way it is where I live too.

Spring is here and I’m happy. It was nice and warm today.

yea i’ll be glad when spring comes too… We had a couple days that felt like spring already but soon there will be real spring =)

Im bursting like the spring flowers, it’s grey and cold where i live… I can’t wait for spring. I heard a blackbird singing yesterday.

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