Voices are screaming "Go to the hospital!"

My voices are screaming at me that I should go to the hospital.
They’re also saying I should hurt myself, but they’re not so powerful that I’m having trouble resisting yet.

I’ve contacted my pnurse, but she hasn’t returned my call yet.

It worries me that the voices keep going on and on about the hospital.
Is it because they know I’m safe there? Is this a reaction to stress and not wanting responsibility?

I don’t think I’m bad enough off that I need the hospital.
Why do they keep going on about it?


unfortunately this is a symptom, i think you should talk to your dr about it and just try and ignore it as much as you can :frowning:

sorry you are feeling this way x

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A symptom of what, though?
Just a general sz symptom?

I feel like there’s a deeper meaning to it, but I can’t quite reach it.

And thanks :slight_smile:


Get admitted in the hospital nova…!!!

But I don’t think I’m sick enough.
I would like to, but I don’t want to lose out on more school.


Think about it…!!! U could make a better choice…!!

But what if they just tell me I’m not sick enough and send me home? I’d feel so stupid.
I don’t want people to think I’m making a big deal out of things, or that I’m trying to make things seem worse than they are.

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nova. i’m afraid it is a symptom of your condition, sounds like an auditory command halucination, try and distract yourself from it or something, sorry you are feeling this way.

Yes u are right too…!! Have u taken ur medication for today or just missed… do u have any prn …!!!

I’m at school, I didn’t bring any prn :frowning:
But I took my meds this morning


Okay try to stay chillax…!!!

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They say a lot of stupid things. I wouldn’t listen unless you’re having problems

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