Violent thoughts

They cant stop talking about me, they wont leave me alone, they just wont stop laughing and taunting. And i’m stucked.

My beliefs about being plotted against, and people out there to get me, turns out to be true.
I dont think i’ll ever be taken seriously until i do something drastic on others. But I havent had any plans to harm anyone yet. Though anything that is done out of ill intentions can provoke me into an uncontrollable paranoia and rage, even something as minor as laughing can set me off.

This is not right of me. People with schizophrenia/psz shouldnt be having these is it? Or is it not. And what should i do about this. The meds arent working, i will have to wait until next midweek.

Hmmm. I’d suggest you dial 911 or an emergency number and let them know you are feeling as if you are in danger and please be brave enough to let them know you suffer from schizophrenia/mental illness and are worried so much you feel like you may have to defend yourself. Please try to remain calm and cooperate with the authorities. They will take you to a safer place like a short vacation from the “reality” you are experiencing. Most likely to a hospital where a mental health professional will evaluate you for further treatment.

I know it doesn’t sound pleasant however if you are so afraid you may do something such as physically harm another or yourself please for your own sake seek help immediately. I promise you if you dial 911 and cooperate with the authorities as well as tell them you are in fear of losing your life, they will do their best to help you and keep you safe. I won’t lie, if you are unwell they may have to keep you there for over 3 days and possibly even restrain you. But you have my word the authorities will not harm you if you dial, notify them and most importantly cooperate with their reasoning as well as answer questions honestly. Please remain calm.

If you are too worried to do that I suggest you get in touch with your psychiatrist, your primary care doctor, or even go to an urgent clinic. Though I’d recommend the former first.

Do all this of you feel you cannot wait until your appointment midweek. There is absolutely no shame in seeking help when suffering from such difficult symptoms. I wish you well.

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Thanks ilovethaifood for the concern.
Seeking help shouldnt be an issue but i cant afford to be warded again. The previous ward experience was horrible and made me worst, adding on to that will be the costly fees. I’d be willing to wait till midweek though, given that things are all smooth outside.

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are you being gang stalked? harassed, or under watch?

just curious.

I hear what you posted on here often on Facebook.

hope your’e ok. Don’t do anything drastic.

@Daze, yes. Its whats been happening all along.

thanks for being here

we’re not able to talk about it

but I feel ya. It’s a large program, many involved.

Sorry you’re dealing with this. I deal with some similar stuff and it can be very hard. @anon40653964 gave some good advice. If you get to the point of actually hurting yourself or others, please consider the hospital. It’s not worth hurting someone over.


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