Video on Vraylar (Cariprazine) - Allergan

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What’s the allergen?

I cant watch the video.

I think I’m allergic to it. It makes me feel like I took NoDoz caffeine pills.

Allergan are the people who sell it. What dose are you on?

1.5 the lowest dose.

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I looked at the clinical trials and restlessness and anxiety were comparable to placebo at that dose. But so was insomnia and @wave was complaining about that. It’s early days though. The trial was 6 weeks.

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Thanks EH. So what does that mean, it’s comparible to Abilify?

I wonder what he had in mind when he said “we are several years from treating the underlying conditions” 5 years, 10, decades?

I also like it being referred to as a disease, because illnesses subside, sz is chronic.

Comparable to a sugar pill. I.e. Restlessness and should be comparable to taking nothing.

But I’ve just looked again and akathisia is 4 times more likely to happen than sugar pill. Maybe that’s what you’re experiencing.

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What about Rexulti? Does that have less akathisia?

There is no doubt - Vraylar is a very stimulating medication, but it really has almost eliminated most of my Negative symptoms.
I am actually doing a ton of different things, from showering more frequently, cleaning up around the house, listening to music everyday and enjoying it etc…

I am not experiencing true Akathisia, but I am very stimulated, its like drinking 6 cups of black coffee, but I am not experiencing Anxiety - this is what I really like about this drug at this dose.

@Samp - there are meds that you can take for Akathisia, if this is what you are experiencing, I myself am on a Beta Blocker and Klonopin, which helps with Akathisia.

I am going to try to stick with the added activation, but I am not happy living with severe insomnia - this might be the deal breaker for me if it does not improve - I refuse to take sedatives or sleeping pills.

Also @Samp, maybe going to 3mg - will be less activating.
1.5mg is also the dose given for depression - so it will be activating.

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14 % incidence- happens to one in seven people who take it. So I can’t do math, but it looks like it has less of a chance.

Are you suffering from Akathisia - @mortimermouse?

not much at all. Just a tiny bit.

Yeah, thats a Partial Dopamine Agonist for you

its some good ■■■■! I need to cook this stuff up, meth-lab style and sell it online for bitcoins!


Do you take Propranolol? I have this, and maybe I need to be on a schedule with it. I’m also taking Ativan.

I can compare Abilify to Vraylar - I have been on both.

Abilify has more Akthisia and Anxiety than Vraylar, but Vraylar is a lot more energizing than Abilify.

I am constantly moving or walking - but it really does help the Negative Symptoms so far.

I just dont like the intense insomnia - so far its worse than what I experienced on Abilify.

I take Toprol XL - which is also good for Akathisia.

Propronalol is a very good med for Akathisia - Ativan should help also

My doctor wants me to stick it out for at least a month - hopefully I will last this long.

Hopefully it will get better with time.

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Thanks wave. I hope this med works for you.

I hope that it works out for you too @Samp

If for some reason things dont work out for me with this drug, I will most likely go to Rexulti

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