Video game for galactic exploration (No Man's Sky)

This ■■■■ is impressive… both technically and visually… if you all remember spore… it’s somewhat similar except this has a few levels of realism beyond that… you are more or less just a space explorer… you can become a trader or a raider… if you like video games you should check the video out…


Oh god I’ve been following this game for a whole year! It comes out in June, hopefully. Still not an exact date but the game looks almost finished.

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Yeah man my mind is blown…

They did some ■■■■ already that I couldn’t fathom as possible… Like the actual world system where the land is a globe…

And that last part where the guy is just moving about in the galaxy… that’s insane!!! so many star systems… everywhere… almost no direction at all it looked like.

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Yeah not only did they give you a whole planet to start off with, but they went beyond that and created an entire universe with completely unique planets, animals, and items. I heard of some people were going to create a colony in one section of space with each person having their own planet and then one central planet that will serve as a capital or hub to all the other planets around it.

is it multiplayer? I didn’t think they could do online stuff with the procedural generation… means the info would all have to be stored and shared over a network…

If it is though this would be the end all be all of video games for me…

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There is multiplayer right along solo play, but the universe is so big it’s creator said you will probably not see anyone. It’s not like an mmo at all though, you can’t trade with other players, or even shoot them. There almost no ways to interact with another player. Also the game is not saved anywhere, it’s actually a really small amount of data and what takes up most of it are those sentinels you see in the video from your link. The procedural generation makes it so massive amounts of data can be stored on smaller bits of data. I’ll see if I can dig something up about the game and post it in here.

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Its more like an echo of other players then.

I’m trying to figure out how the engine works because its so different from anything else.

I’m guessing any planet you travel too is stored… Even the modifications that occur when you alter the landscape and all that.

It could be as simple as storing the configuration for the procedural algorithm… Instead of the geometry itself… Then on top of that the specific locations of the geo mods…

Still to have a sphereical body in a game and an engine… The math is almost totally incompatible with x, y, z coordinates.

They either have a dynamic reference system where the engine takes the data and asigns various offsets to make the camera system and “gravity” easy to calculate… Or something much more complex that hasn’t been done before… At least from what I’ve seen.

They could easily just be faking gravity…

I wonder if the planets have orbits and all that.

They did mention a natural day/night cycle on the planets.

Really cool stuff either way.

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Yes I think IGN has all the information on how the game works underneath. Here’s the answers to some of your curiosities at 2:00 although I recommend watching the whole video.

I think Sean Murray himself (Founder/Creator of Hello Games/No Man’s Sky) said the planets orbit around their sun but you can’t make your own orbit around a sun. But there are things like black holes at the center of the universe where Sean said that is a surprise there.

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Here is a guy who makes regular videos about No Man’s Sky. Every month he does a breakdown of information he has found on the game. This is one such video, and also his latest. I like this guy so I wanted you to watch.

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This game looks like a lot of fun

Thanks dude I’ll havw to watch this when I get back home.


Watched it yo! Thats sounds sweeeeeeeeet!

Multiplayer down the line… Titles updaes vs paid DLC


The way they integrated the story sounds so interesting. That’s the kind of stuff I liked in Left 4 Dead. What if they show the symbols all over your first planet and then only on your enemies are? The only way to end that would be go to the center where the black hole is and show the creation of the universe you’re in and that YOU have shaped this galaxy to what it is and it is now working to fit your playstyle because YOU are the chosen one who was to bring about your rule to the millions who now adapt and change themselves to suite your needs.

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I’m kinda interested in this. Played my first space trader/fighter game in the late 90’s when a friend of mine introduced me to it, whatever it was. Played one since but it was very limited in it’s scope and player freedom. That’s what got me into rpg games…I like to do what I want and not just beat the game or go only where the story line takes you.

The planet scapes remind me a little of what they were trying but failing to do with artificial realities or whatever they were called, back in the 90’s when I would of passed as tech savy. I’ll keep an eye on this.


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