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Anyone playing No Man’s Sky? They call it a survival game but really it feels more like an atmospheric exploration game. It’s a chill game if you want to relax and explore but there’s not really much else to do in it right now anyways. To anyone who’s interested I’d say wait until the price goes down, unless you really just like exploring and cataloging species/plants/landmarks in beautiful environments which I personally enjoy.


Sounds fun I’ll have to check it out

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I tried it and returned it to the shop. Agree, it’s one to get when it’s cheaper.

Sean Murray and Hello Games really overhyped it considering it’s a survival game and the planets aren’t that different from one another. But I agree it’s fun as a chill out game.

But Mass Effect is a better spacefaring series! :smile:

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I’m too focused on being a good Cs go player to be bothered with a new game

When I was younger I loved to drift around in the worlds of Myst and Riven. There wasn’t much you could interact with in these games - you’d have to solve puzzles without really knowing how they’d work or what they would unlock. There were barely any other characters in the game, just a deserted world with no clue what you were supposed to do. There was a certain kind of suspense in these games because of all the unknowns. So you’d just go about exploring the world, trying some puzzles here and there for hours. And then when something actually did happen because of solving a puzzle, like a bridge opening up or a doorway unlocking, that would scare the crap out of me just because of the sudden change in an otherwise tranquil world. It was beautifully animated for the time. I bet it looks like crap to people who grew up later :smiley:

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