Video game calms schizophrenia patients


That’s another one -start,stop,start,stop!!


Gosh man this is the first time I felt like I could relate to someone on here. The noises sometimes just make me wanna rage and I have to consciously calm myself down.


Oh yeah, those are horrible…
And constant semi-low noises (e.g. fans) make me really mentally tired.


I have two huge playlists of different kinds of white noise if anyone is interested. I also have a huge faction of 24/7 live music, but I would have to post those individually. Also some live space feeds. This is all on youtube so you can listen at your convenience.


Just wanted comment that this wasn’t any old video game, it sounds like they used some type of brain-computer interface to play the game.

I hope they are able to continue their research.

"Patients in a small study were able to land a rocket in the game when it was connected to the brain region sensitive to speech and human voices."

Here’s a link to the paper.


95% of that paper went over my head, but I did understand this:

“does seem, however, that patients with SCZ and AVH do have the ability to regulate activity (neural plasticity, i.e., alter the functional organization of the brain) in speech sensory–motor regions, in contrast to suggestions that patients have a general deficit in cortical plasticity. This may open the way for wider investigations using neurotherapies, such as rtfMRI-NF”


You and me both man. I seem to be very hypersensitive to any type of sound whether it’s a voice,loud chewing, creaky floor boards/door hinges,trees brushing agaisnt the siding of my house. I tend to get instant panic attacks from this. Same goes with movements in my peripheral vision.


I’ve been a gamer since 5 years old, im 31 now


I’m 36, so I’m not far ahead of you. So you can relate back to the Atari 2600 hahaha I miss those days


I think I’m too Paranoid.I used to love video games.But nowadays video games do not give me a good feedback.The game is now just a visual