(Video) Debunking cancer myths found in YouTube videos

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Not sure why he’s saying there is no data to support fruits and veggies can prevent cancer. It’s not hard to find studies of that nature.

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I’m well-versed on the topic of colonoscopies, having had a problem with digestion for 20 years now. Strictly speaking of colonoscopies, there are much less invasive test like a sigmoidoscopy that can be done with the same or near-same results. No need for anesthesia, and no snipping the colon. You pass gas when it’s over since they inflate you. Big deal. I say no to colonoscopies because I can get a sigmoidoscopy and have no family history of intestinal cancer. YMMV.

Little that I know, cancers thrives on glycolitic systems. Where’s they cannot metastasize on fat based energy systems.

Ketogenic diet saves the day. Again.

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