Very sad to hear Toby Keith died at 62 R I P

I guess the cancer beat him finally…I loved his music…saw him in concert with Dwight Yoakum back when he was just first starting out…


Damn that’s rough. Makes me realized how blessed I am to have parents with good genetics in terms of diseases. My mom did genetic testing and she had zero variants. She’s 76 going strong my dad is 74 and has Parkinson’s but still blessed with length of life damn.

I didn’t know who Toby Keith is really. Not into country but. May he rip :headstone:

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62 is very young.

Sad news.


@Charles_Foster yes I’m still torn up about it. He had a ranch outside my town here in oklahoma. “unleashed” is his best album. It has “beer for my horses”, and “who’s your daddy?”

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