Very overwhelmed. Anybody else feeling this way

I am feeling very overwhelmed.

In my personal life and with everything else going on in the bigger scheme of things… (the world, the US)

Anybody else stressed?

Maybe I’m over thinking it…


I get overwhelmed easily, but Arvest Bank is totally screwing me, and I hate them for it. I would really like to see them pay.


Nah, I’m not overwhelmed.

I love following world events, and lots of things bother me, but I don’t get to the point of feeling overwhelmed, many times I want to know more.

If I do feel overwhelmed about something I learn more about it and think about it until I have a solution, then I no longer feel overwhelmed.

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I don’t get overwhelmed. I think my meds keep me calm. Nothing really bothers me at all anymore.

I understand.

You’re a new Mom. I worry about my teenage daughters’ future…climate change…Ukraine…inflation…debt…etc.

But ultimately, it’s futile to fret about things you can’t control. Just concentrate on the daily things you can control and hope for the best, I suppose.


When I get overwhelmed my fight or flight kicks in. 9 times out of 10, I fight.

Do that. Fight your demon making you overwhelmed. There’s hardly any situation where you can’t find some way to fight.


I am at work. We are chronically understaffed. We have had a bunch of people quit over the past year due to business structure changes that weren’t popular. Things are being fixed, but they can’t be fixed quickly. Takes time to hire new people and train them, etc.

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Exactly… I am worried for baby humans future…

That’s also true

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I worry about things but I usually don’t get overwhelmed because of all the racket stuff going on in my head. Too many different entities living in my mind for me to let stuff get to me too much.

I am over stressed cause of recent events

everyone seems to get stressed at times

best to try and find other things to think about

thats all any of us can do

If you are very stressed over Friday’s event, my inbox is always open for support. I have experience in that matter.


are you talking to me

i will be all right i just need time

this is the fifth dog we lost in two years

one 10 one 8 one 9 and two only 3yo

i just am so in love with my dogs they are my children

but i got two left my momma dog and my puppy they will keep me going

I understand being stressed about you and your child’s future. I feel that way too.

I’m personally overwhelmed by the intensive therapy program I’m in. It’s a lot. And emotions are triggered a lot so you can learn to deal with them. So it’s a good thing, but it doesn’t feel good.

Its for anyone that has worries about current events and the future.

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For what? It’s an open invitation.

my bad i say sorry alot cause of the way i was raised

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