Very late onset schizophrenia like psychosis


Of the 3,007,378 individuals included in the study, there were 14,977 cases of very late-onset schizophrenia-like psychosis. The median age at diagnosis was 68 for men and 70 for women, and more women were diagnosed than men


If the cultural readers do not know mainly the features of early-onset schizophrenia.
How does the person knows the features of very late-onset schizophrenia which it is like psychosis ?
At first,tell us the features of early-onset schizophrenia to let us know the generative cause not the risky factors

What is happens to biological healthy condition of old man,in the case if sz attacking him by the same strength when it is happening for a young man ?


NO one knows what is happens after the first onset of death moment.
Each person without sz (under 21 years old) do no know what is happens after the first onset of rebirth of schizophrenia features inside himself.
when sz has occurs for a young man in the third decade of life,he has not previous idea about the strange phenomena,events that he felt them suddenly inside himself

In most cases,the person has remains to resistance and deal with these phenomena for 24 hours/48 or more without asking the help from others (family,friends …etc),in the hope that all phenomena will disappear completely automatically as they come !

But after the passage of 48 hours,he will suffer from many problems and feeling the fatigue manifestations,Above of all he does not thinking about going to doctor during this stage whatever the dangerous state that he coexistence with -and this is the fatal mistake because he will lose his biological energy during 48 hours to minimum degree !

No one asking: why the person does not thinking about going to a doctor/asking help ?
the emission of schizophrenia features during the first onset are deception for the mental perception of any human being -no matter the degree of his IQ

The symptoms of emission does not appearing themselves for the mental perception as a symptoms of any disease/illness or any known phenomenon or condition,in the same time the person has not any previous idea about these strange phenomena at all !


Frankly,the person who is knows the accurate details of early first onset of sz ,and has the full ability to describes the emission ritual objectivity as they coming without misunderstanding (delusion),what he said will be a stander knowledge be able to applied on all persons with Sz regardless the individual differences between these persons

THE ritual of emission will repeat itself in each individual condition (each person will feeling the emission processes like all other persons ),but each person has personal understanding to explanation the manifestations of the emission that he felt according to his self-knowledge (self experiences, acquired cognitive content)

All persons will feeling the inner manifestations by the same mechanisms ,but each person has personal understanding to explanation the manifestation to oneself or other people - according to his current culture (1% of public are monitor stander emission mechanism but each person have personal understanding/explanation to describes what he saw)

The cultural differences between persons causing different understanding/ explanation (creation of individual story for each person) although all persons with sz are eyewitnesses / ear witnesses for stander mechanisms of emission

Therefore,description of subjectivity onset sz by objectivity expressions is the main task of any person with sz


The early first onset episode of schizophrenia,it means in practice the birth day of schizophrenia.
Emission of schizophrenia features in the inner life beside the conscious life of the human psychological user

Sudden emission of schizophrenia body in the place-time dimension of the human nature which leading to bilateral unity (linking between 2 different structures)
The human psychological user will gravitate towards the schizophrenia body (like the moon and earth ),both of them will swim in united inner orbit through gravitation interaction

Each one of them have a specific speed movement in the frontal direction towards the time,and have relativity speed towards the second

The speed of the sz body is more than the speed of the human psychological user and have the full control for his speed to some degree (acceleration/deceleration)
for the human psychological user ,it seems that his mental function speed during treatment the object of any idea is very slow regard with the speed function of sz body,and have not the enough energy/speed to be free from the gravitation

The mutual attraction will obstacle the mental motion of the human psychological user to execution its functions ,he will need to more energy/speed to execution any simple mental function ,he can not get rid of the attraction effect of sz body

Along lifetime,the person with sz will suffer from his slowness speed of mental functions regard with the speed of sz body ,whereas the high speed of sz body will be reflected on the mental function speed of the human self ( acceleration or deceleration of mental function over the natural rate),and he must makes mental effort or kinetic behavior to objection the mutual attraction towards the sz body

The general view,2 different psychological entities existing within single brain ,they have mutual attraction and bilateral interaction to control the movement and concept of the mental signs to be going in his individual direction (his ideological orientation)

The schizophrenia is just a bilateral fighting between 2 different psychological entities(existential fighting and functional fighting),AND there is no any monocular " single" fighting between the self and its thoughts,memories,social relationships,religious belief,environmental conditions…etc

In fact,the truth of schizophrenia is different about all current stories which be written in all books


Take it easy man


In all my posts,when I write the word “schizophrenia”.
1- I do not indicate to personality characteristics of the person with sz,I do not indicate to any symptoms (negative,positive ,kinetic,emotional,behavioral ,cognitive ), I do not indicate to the chemical changes/disorders,because all these elements is NOT the structure of the independent sz health condition itself which it has been embodied suddenly in the human nature in the early first third decade of life ,whereas all these elements are just the end results of sz interaction with the human nature (biology/psychology/external environmental factors )
-all symptoms of sz (chemical/mental/behavior) are just a reflections ( reflected reaction),the results of mutual interaction between Sz and the Human nature

2-I do intent the existentialism features of an independent health condition for inhumane entity(s),a parasitic health condition in function

The existential features is the sums of the things be called “hallucinations” regard with the medical references,the medical diagnosis,the medical classification…etc

The spoken voices, audible response ,moved imaginary pictures and variable emitted sentiment (s) are forming the existential features of sz health condition beside the inherited Healthy psychological condition of the human being,they are representation the Imaginary People/speaker people/ audience people For the perception of person with sz ,or the body substance of the entity (s) who they are producing the pronounced voices and coexistence with oneself all time of waking day by day for lifetime

Please notice that,;
Most persons who are talking or writing about schizophrenia itself ,they think that schizophrenia is the sums of the personality behaviors of the individual with sz,or the symptoms of schizophrenia (positive,negative,cognitive - hallucinations,paranoia,social withdrawal,delusional believes…etc),or the chemical disorders in the brain.

They are unable to distinguishing between; the features of the existentialism substance of the thing and the result of effect ,and the big fatal mistake that they do ,they put the “hallucinations features” in the basket of the symptoms ,this action makes understanding and explanation of sz is out of question ,because the hallucinations is the substance of the sz health condition itself (it is the existential manifest of sz condition in the human nature),it is the cause of schizophrenia condition( it is the existential cause And the functional cause -in the same time)
all this means that,each person with sz has knows exactly the cause of schizophrenia without researching,because it is the characteristics of the things be called hallucinations ,whereas he will living his life with the existence of these strange things ( new inhumane psychological entity (s) )

They do not know that,Sz is an independent strange psychological health condition BE add on to the current inherited psychological health condition ,to be living together (with one another/jointly),whereas the internal fighting between both will causing all symptoms of changes/disorders for the human being in his mental life functions (change in the data concept)


How we can help the scientific researchers to correct their causality theories data which leading to know the ideal methods to deal with the bad side effect of schizophrenia ?
At first,they must know exactly how does a person with sz feels the existential manifest of the condition inside himself/his organic body ?
During the first launch spark of sz condition within the place-time of the human nature:
what is the things characteristics that be felt mentally/emotionally by person with sz ?
Or,what is the things that be embodied in the inner human nature during the emission process of sz condition ?
Or,how does the sz condition seems its existential manifest to the mental perception/emotion of the human being ?
Or,if we assume that,the sz condition is just an influence (internal or external),how does the sensor tools of the human being have receiving the signs of the influence and definition its content ?
Or,in general,what is the existentialism symptoms of the sz condition that be felt by all persons with sz -regardless all individual differences ?

Please,we do not ask the external observers (public/researchers ) to give answers according to their observations or their monitor to the personal behaviors of the individuals with sz

This means that in practice,do not say that,the person with sz will feel negative symptoms,positive, cognitive dysfunction,psychosis,hallucination ,paranoia,social withdrawal,language disorder or chemical disorder …etc,because all theses elements are your personal diagnosis ,your observations,your classification/definitions,your mental understanding to the observation data

The person with sz do not understanding the existential manifest of the sz condition according to the diagnostic material content of the external viewers at all
In nature,all person(s) with sz will feeling the existential manifest of the sz condition itself as a new thing that has been embodied suddenly internally Beside his psychological existence

the new thing is the sums of things characteristics that be called “hallucinations” by the medical references ,this means that any person with sz will feeling the existential manifest of the things be called “hallucinations”,
hallucinations representation itself through the imaginary people,pronounced voices,audible voices and unwanted emotion,this is stable for all persons with sz
this means that,hallucinations is not single symptom of sz symptoms ,because it is the existential manifest of the sz condition inside the human nature,it is the existentialism substance of sz condition,it is the existential cause of the sz condition ,it is the body structure of the sz condition inside the human nature

The question; is the hallucinations a natural part from the psychic component ?
is the hallucinations is the production of the mental functions of the person ?
is the hallucinations is the thoughts,memory events and imagination of the person ?
is the hallucinations is a production of abnormal chemical substances or chemical functions ?
it is independent condition ,not psychological or biological in root origin


I bet that very late onset sz gets confused with dementia.


The actual condition that is exists in all persons with “sz”,is the existentialism features of the hallucination condition,and the term “schizophrenia” or “dementia” are just an optional names .

This means that,there is single condition within the person ,it is the condition be called “hallucination” which causing all aspects of symptoms/disorders even the chemical imbalance

-But some scientists looking at the Symptoms and naming them by term “schizophrenia” ,they isolating the symptoms from the mother condition “hallucination” and looking at them under new optional term “schizophrenia” !!

foregone conclusion,Using the term “schizophrenia” will making confusing for all users,especially they classified the hallucination “the actual whole condition” as a single symptom of the optional term “schizophrenia” !

Therefore,it is impossible to achieve correct understanding /explanation for anything related the actual condition ,because the “hallucination” is the actual condition and represent the Cause,while all symptoms are the Results
Add for this chicanery, term schizophrenia contains the" hallucination" as a single symptom !
In practice,each researcher studying the condition ,he asks the questions and makes his tests on the idea that the hallucination is a symptom of schizophrenia , his conclusions must be mistaken from all aspects

It is wonder land for the fantastic terms