Useless things i was taught at school!


latin…i mean when was i ever going to use latin !?!
take care

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As part of a shop requirement I had a class in typesetting - now an obsolete skill.

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in woodwork class i made a boomerang when i was 14, irony is i now live in australia !
still not useful though !?!
take care



Sorry, I can’t resist…

What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work?
A stick



Well, my drafting class was kind of interesting but I’ll never use what I learned.

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One person studied some ancient Greek stuff in London and today she writes and sings songs such as this ‘Kuolema on kalamies’ = the death is a fisherman. Basically we study a lot of useless things and never use this knowledge and information.

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They tried to teach me how to mix up chemicals with incredible precision, but i failed, which is a good thing apparently because i don’t want to kill anyone with my chemicals.

History class was insane also, i couldn’t believe they actually tried to teach me some of that stuff, that wasn’t history at all.

Perhaps it was the acid i took though, after i took it i felt like we were being somewhat brainwashed and didn’t want to participate anymore, the more questions you ask about school while you are in school the less you will want to go.

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