Updates and feedback ✨

So my partner won a trip to Barcelona for 4 days like last year’s Costa Rica. I love this trips because his colleagues are fun. I don’t know I like his colleagues better than I ever did mine. I also like his friends better than I like mine. :thinking: Why is this? And everybody likes me usually :thinking:

Anyway, he surprised me and messaged me to guess where we are going and this is the first time I will ever go to Europe. I have been in several airports but never went out or had the opportunity.

So since I have been reciting Paris for a long time, he told me we go to Barcelona, stay 4 days, take 2 days extra, take a train to Paris and stay there for 6 days. :heart:

I checked the pricing of Shangri La as it is one of my dreams to stay there. (I saw a picture of it during psychosis and thought it was for me :woman_facepalming:t2: But I don’t think it will ever be possible in this lifetime. It is at least 1.5K a night at Shangri La Paris! Lol!!!

So if people have recommendations for me, what to do, what to pack, where to stay, I am all ears. :ear:


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