Update on my hip replacement week 6

I ran into some complications pinched nerves in my back have slow the blood flow down to the area where my hip is being recovering consequently I appeared heads of weakness in my legs to the point of almost dropping me pain is not completely gone away and the mobility is not fully recovered I am walking have a much slower pace of most people and it is hard to put a sock on is it possible to clip my nails things you go through in life believe me it’s hell getting old


Sorry that you are having issues @DrZen . I hope that you get to full recovery soon.


I’m sorry. I hope you feel better soon

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Make sure you do what the doctors say. I hope you feel better soon.

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I feel for you @DrZen , I’m having a full hip replacement on my left side on the 11th. They tell me no big deal etc, but being paranoid of course I don’t believe that. But here’s wishing you a better and quicker recovery. Take care.

Hope you feel better soon @DrZen.

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