Update chat family

Ive been in all day
Hubby has eye infection but wont go get antibiotic cream until tomorrow so hes asleep he keeps getting them every couple months
My mum has a ulcer in her eye and is in minor injuries hospital waiting to be seen by specialist. Her opticians put dye in her eye this morning after she complained to them for months about pain stabbing in her eye. First time today they realised the ulcer with dye. Awful opticians absolutely ridiculous i hope she sues them. They mess up prescriptions there and everything gave hubby wrong lenses.
I have housing inspection tuesday morning in flat theres tiny bit of mold in bathroom but hubby stripped the wallpaper
Im struggling stress i dont have any motivation at all and im worried about the Aliens taking over
My brothers never speak to me
My sister rings but i hardly see anyone
Or speak to anyone
Life is a catalyst and a trick


Polysporin eye drops are fantastic to keep on hand for problems like this. Suggest putting some in your medicine chest for the future. It also works well more than a year past expiry if it has been stored in a cool, dark place.


Thanx I’ll tell him :+1:

Hubby says he feels ok now and is dusting the place like crazy

My mum is home with eye drops an has to see the specialist again Tuesday as an outpatient, shes still in pain

And im having a meltdown over my weight again idk


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How stressful. I hope your moms eye gets better soon.

It’s so painful to be ditched and mistreated by family. I’ve gone through it and it sucks.

What is your weight? How tall are you?

i’m not really mistreated by them i just currently don['t get to speak to brothers hardly cos ther too busy working it sucks
i don’t like mentioning my size

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Oh ok. I’m glad you’re not mistreated. I understand about the weight

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