Untreated psycosis for +12 months


I am writing on behalf of a dear friend of mine. Now, looking back in the rearviewmirror I can see the red flags and that the whole thing started about 15 months ago.

Smoking weed, isolation, feeling somewhat persecuted, agitation. Later on last year he would have very vivid imaginations, paranoid thoughts.
He did not think he needed help.
Earlier this year he could lock himself in his room in darkness for days, wanted to be alone.

I study abroad and when I came back in the end of June for summer break i found out he has now been hearing voices, he think he is something special like grandios, acting very arrogantly, he thinks his family plotted something against him but “haha, it did not work”, he thinks that someone is watching us through the TV still he will sit watch the TV, someone is talking or doing things from across the block, he has something against the neighbour who is sending textmessages through the ceiling. The voices are people he knows.

He eats and taket care of his hygene and can sometimes be active, like start cleaning the house. We did a geography quiz some weeks ago (i like geography). I was impressed how good he was. Better then I.

He does not appear to be distressed or depressed, more the opposite. He is now more like “i play with the voices”, “I pretend I dont get what they mean”, “I am used to it now”.

There was an incident some days ago, and since he would not go to seek help voluntarily his family took the opportunity to call the police who in turn called for a team more competent in psycosis. He would engage in a normal conversation with the police, the spoke about football/soccer, housing etc. He is able to sometimes talk normal with the “right” ppl. Ppl he respects maybe. When the police asked him questions he openly told the police in DETAIL everything he is experiencing, things his family did not even know. All the bizarrness and ended with “but it is nothing mental”.

Eventuellt, he “voluntarily” went to the hospital. While there, he regreted following and wanted to go home so they gave him a shot to calm down.

His family pleaded that they would not send him home and thankfully now he will remaim there by “force” until his psycosis is determined and treated.
He will be properly evaluated tomorrow for the first time and meds/treatment will be established.

He hade told the nurse that this was a misunderstanding or something.

Well, i guess i am writing in this forum to recieve some HOPE even if it took so long to get him into treatment.

Sometimes I feel hopeful, most times i feel distressed, fear, gult, confusion not knowing what is to come next. Will he remaim in denial or will it go away after he gets antipsycotics (one of my biggest concerns)? Will he respond well to them and will they take away the voices and delusions? Will he come back to his senses ever again? Will he recover? Will i ever get my friend back? Is it this or is it that? … a lot of questions circulating :pensive:

If you have some hopeful experiences, words, facts kindly throw it my way :heart:

He’s going to have to stop the drugs.

Ah psychosis sucks big time. He’s gotta find peace. And definitely stop using drugs.

Voices and stuff do go away sometimes. Chances are though there was real life stress encouraging him to isolate and burn his brain out in what I’m assuming was frustration or avoidance of frustration. Those issues/ discontentment with the world have to be sorted out as well.

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trust me if he takes anti psychotics you wont have your friend back because anti psychotics make a zombie out of you without any emotion or point in life.

It sounds like he was kind of in that state already.

Thank you for replying.

He has not been doing it for maybe about 1.5 years ago he did that if i am correct. He even said back then that he did not want to do that anymore, like he was donem with that. It was just a period.

Well that’s really good.

I hope the best for you and your friend.

Therapy + meds + lifestyle

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I think antipsycotics are important in the beginning at least in order to stabilize the condition and make the person reach insight and then when the person is aware they can make a decision in how they want to recover, what strategy to apply.

He must first come out from the psycosis and reach awareness. If one becomes an emotionless zombie one is probibly on the wrong type of meds.

This is just my theory.


not really almost all anti psychotics make you a zombie because the whole theory of schizophrenia is linked to a higher dopamine level in the brain and the anti psychotics are made only to block the dopamine which makes you a zombie.

I’m sorry for your friend. A lot of people do well on meds. I don’t hear voices but I experienced psychosis twice in my life. These meds did turn me into a zombie, especially emotionally. But after realising and accepting my condition, I can say that I live like a normal person, I have a lot of friends, I went to university and had a full time job. I even do better than a lot of normal people I know. Don’t lose hope, I’m sure if your friend reaches the realisation of his condition and can manage the symptoms, he can live a successful life.


Yes - antipsychotics are very important (probably for a long time). And yes - if a person is a zombie they probably have too high a medication level, or the wrong mediction.

Here is a survey that a forum member posted in our forums on this topic:

12 months isn’t that long for untreated psychosis. Sure a month or two would have been ideal, but I know people for which it was 10 years, with very bad outcome.

Its good your friend is getting treated now. Stand by him - its a hard illness.


Oh ■■■■ this…

Doesn’t sound quite like classic sz. (And does sound a bit like drug-triggered psychotic bipolar on top of a genetic predispostion that might not be a mix for true sz.) Either way, anti-psychotics should help… IF he will take them as directed.

How old is he?

Thanks for replying. He is 27 years.

usually a male gets his psychosis in his early twenties. so either he is a rare expection of this specific sickness, he is indeed ill or he has another mental illness.

That is true that the average age of onset for psychosis / schizophrenia is more typically late teens or early 20s (for males) - but there is a significant distribution curve after this - as this image shows.

ALso - here is a good document I recommend you read:

The document states:

“Untreated, however, schizophrenia can do more and more damage. If symptoms are severe, carrying out basic everyday tasks
may be problematic. You may find it difficult to look after yourself, or forget to eat properly or brush your teeth or wash regularly. You may find yourself drinking more alcohol, smoking or taking drugs. As a result your physical health may also begin to suffer.”

He eats properly even though he has lost some weight, he does take care of his hygene (shower, shaves, brush his teeth and dress very well). He does not drink, smoke or do any drugs (i’d say it was +1 year ago he smoked weed).

However he does not work and is unemployed.

So, if it goes untreated they mean that only the cognitive part decreases or what do they mean?

they probably mean by that that he will sink deeper and deeper into delusion and this will either make his life worse or make him end his life altogether.