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I’m Canadian, but I’ve traveled to Boston, New York, Vermont, San Diego.

Always found Americans to be really friendly and down to Earth. Never had any issues South of our border.

I believe it’s a myth that Americans are brash…not what I’ve experienced at all.


I love America. I lived there for 2 years down in New Orleans. It’s a different culture from Oz. It really is.

There’s some great things about it and there’s some not so great things about it but I still appreciate it. I guess you could say the same about Canada too.

Americans really can be arrogant. I’ve experienced that first hand and their knowledge about other countries or planets really does lack on a fundamental level from what I have seen…Just a big country with a lot going on but they really could learn some things…

Just an opinion. :slight_smile:


Ah, we’re the best and we know it. We don’t need to go around bragging and proclaiming how great we are.


I forgot I also went to North Carolina on a golf holiday.

I encountered some racism down there, but wasn’t going to let a couple of ignorant bozos tar my views of all Americans.

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My buddies went to Buffalo to watch a Bills football game one year.

They were walking back to their Hotel when a Police Officer pulled up to them and questioned them. They explained what they were doing and the Cop said…

“No one walks in Buffalo at night”

So I suppose there are some dangerous areas in the U.S. I’ve read that Las Vegas is the most dangerous city in America.

I think Vancouver and Winnipeg are probably the most dangerous places in Canada.

I’ve never traveled west much in my country. I’ve been east to PEI in 2003…had a wonderful 10 day holiday there.

Many, many. It’s a given.

I lived in Buffalo for a long time. Walked at night quite a bit. It just matters where.

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I have walked at night in Buffalo. I was there for a concert a few years back.

Ive been all over the US. There are only 10 states I haven’t been yet.

yeah the us is ok, i’ve never had anybody be rude to me in my travels. not really brash i would say, but many people could care less that you’re from somewhere else, from my experience. at restaurants or businesses or whatever, you will notice the employees treat you courteously. the only time i thought people and wait staff were really friendly was in the south. there is something to “southern hospitality” but i don’t know if it’s still like that or not, it’s been awhile since i’ve been in the south.

but if you’re ever in indiana don’t pass through martinsville, haha, they are so sick of all the college kids and outsiders coming through from nearby bloomington. can be a bit rude.

san diego is nice, when i went there i was hearing a voice say “you’re not welcome here” haha. it was a man’s voice, i travelled all around the country hearing voices for a couple years by bus and train after i stopped driving. was only there for a night, walked all over that damn city aimlessly not knowing where to go and hallucinating.

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