Unexplained scratch marks

I’d just got out of the bath, and my stomach felt sore . The reason? About a 2.5 inch rather red scratch mark . It’s not the first time I’ve had unexplained scratch marks.However this one’s much longer than usual.

Probably did it to yourself in your sleep? That’s the only explanation.

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It wasn’t there this morning when I got up , and my stomach was only sore after getting out of the bath.

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bed bugs? hell I d k…


That would’ve been a possibility if it had felt sore on getting up this morning.

First hit with Bing search engine re ‘Unexplained scratch marks’ . A site about ‘Demonic attacks’. A site about dermatographia sounds more realistic, except for their being scratch marks that take more than a few days to go away.

The first thing the physician noticed about the young woman sitting before him was her sallow complexion. She was 17 years old. He listened carefully, not only to her words but also to the rhythm and emotional tone behind her words. The melody was familiar. Recently he had heard it in the presenting symptoms of 2 other female patients.

The year was 1901 or 1902. The place was the neurological clinic of the Johns Hopkins Dispensary in Baltimore.

A provisional diagnostic impression arose in his mind. Now he knew what steps he needed to follow to verify it. He proceeded with the examination.

Grasping her cool, pale wrist-he had no doubt the girl was anemic-he was not surprised to register an irregular pulse. Vasomotor disturbances were common in patients. He looked carefully at her hands for cyanosis but saw none.

Her pupils responded normally, and her eyes seemed to move smoothly from left to right and back again as she complied with his request to track a moving stimulus. He began to doubt his initial impression. After all, cyanosis of the hands, abnormal pupil reflexes, and eye movement abnormalities were well described in the medical literature for this condition.

He proceeded to the next logical tests. Scratching the surface of her skin-with what, he didn’t say-the physician witnessed her skin swelling and rising in response to his touch. Yes, there it was: dermatographia. Certainty returned.

You probably did it while washing. So you need to cut your nails?

I get cuts and bruises constantly that I don’t know where they came from.


I had scratches all over my body when I was off meds last time for no reason

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Are your fingernails long or maybe a fingernail is jagged? If so, it’s possible you might have accidentally scratched yourself while washing in the bath. You may not have noticed initially due to the warm bath water but only noticed when stepping out of the bath and toweling off.

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They weren’t overly long.

I have unexplained scratch marks as well, as well as random bruising. From what I know, my mother has the same symptoms. As long as the stretch marks aren’t bothering you, you will be ok. My mom scratches her neck while she sleeps as well (unconsciously) so I understand your concern.

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@laetitia It’s more curiosity as to why than anything else.

Ah, I see. I would just take care of your scratch marks with ointments and you’ll be fine. I’ve been getting bruises for years but I just ignore them because it’s not causing me any problems. :man_shrugging:
You will be ok.

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