Ok I’m starting to panic about how bad my memory is. These are all the incidences just for today.

-Playing videogame, forgot where I was going and what I was supposed to be doing several times
-Went to store, forgot why I was there, then forgot what I needed to get twice (I only needed 3 things)
-Messed up time I was supposed to go in to volunteer, showed up after Petsmart was closing, was confused, didn’t realize until 30 minutes later that I was supposed to come in 3 hours before
-Couldn’t remember if the lights had been on or off when I came in (30 minutes before) so I left them on because I didn’t want to leave cats in the dark
-Forgot wallet at home, couldn’t get dinner
-Twice on way home, forgot where I was and panicked thinking I missed my turn (and I’m very familiar with my home streets)

What is going on with my head?! I mean oh my god, I messed up the day of a final this year! It’s like everything is scrambled eggs in there!! What do I do?? RIP short term memory

take fish oils??? both my mum and sister are like this too and they don’t have schizophrenia i think its anxiety that can make you a scatter brain. once when i was a kid i watched my mum put some cheese in the washing machine and her tightS in the fridge LOL


Hahaha that’s great. And yeah whatever it is my head’s just been loopy. Pretty much every day goes the same way.

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I don’t know. Maybe check with a psychiatrist and see if they have a pill or medication adjustment for that?

I feel bad that this is happening. :frowning:

Hope your memory improves soon! You just finished a semester of school? Maybe that has something to do with it, it could be that you were focusing so intently on school subjects that were taking up all your functionality, and now that you get a “break” your mind is readjusting? You could try taking a multi vitamin to see if that helps, or fish oils like what’s been already suggested. Are you taking a benzo? Those are known to cause cognitive impairment, so if you are on one, perhaps lowering the dose if your doctor thinks it will be okay will improve things for you. Whatever it is, I hope it gets fixed, and you can remember more clearly. Good luck and take care!

Hmm maybe. I do get a lot more mixed up when I stray from my regular routine.

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Working memory is often impaired in us. They’ve proven this and run studies. I myself have a damaged yet still above average memory. I forget little things like to get the mail or buy deodorant until I’ve ran out, but I remember everything from study guides for exams. It’s just the illness.

I hate to say it, but medications have been shown to improve this problem, in my case they have. I used to lose things and make little mistakes like going the wrong way in parking garages, for example, then I got on medication.

Oh memory problems. I hate memory problems.

Just a few hours ago, I was doing something on my wife’s phone and kept forgetting what I was going to do next.

When my memory gets really bad, it affects my train of thought and conversations. It makes me wander around conversations aimlessly or concluding the conversation before I’ve even made my point. What sucks is when I forget what I’m talking about and I try to continue talking based on a guess of what the topic was and the other person gets a puzzled look on their face…the sign that I apparently guessed wrong.

Following the advice of fish oils and B vitamins, I decided to eat tuna a couple times a week and it seems to have helped. I stopped eating tuna the past 2 weeks because I ran out and my memory has gone to ■■■■. So, not exactly a controlled study, but it would appear that fish = better memory.

I have memory problems too. It helps to write everything down and I also use a timer. Or you can set an alarm on your phone. In the past when I’ve been very stressed I would get lost in very familiar places. It is scary and I can empathize. Stress makes us worse so try to do things that you enjoy and make you feel calm. Also try using affirmations to not panic about the fact this is happening. Remind yourself it is only temporary. Even if it is the sz it isn’t this bad all of the time. Good luck! :sun_with_face:

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I have the worst memory… most of it is kept in journals on the shelf… it’s not in my head. Between this illness… and drug damage… my memory of things is very bad.

I hate it when I do that… that is so embarrassing to me. It hasn’t happened as much as it did a few years ago, but there was a time I walk to the coffee shop on the other side of the ridge… then forget how to get back. I’d be lost in the neighborhood until I found a different shop and would have to call my sis to come get me.

Also… when I write something down… it sticks in my head better. So I would have to write down… Crossing Henderson St… onto 44th Ave.

I have found that being on routine has helped my memory. Being out of school and on reduced hours right now… my mind get a bit drifty and that also makes me loose keys… forget to buy T.P. leave lights on… ect.


I have to write everything down to remember too. Time wise, my brain is kinda funky. Like I’ll mess up when things happened. So it helps to be able to go back through my carefully dated journals to set things straight.

Though I suppose everyone experiences a little bit of that, right?

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