Unable to work

I made post on Facebook about not working and said it was joke when people went off on me for not working. I had ex best friend say I’m laZy for not working.i have hard time keeping pace,concentrating,completing tasks and tough time driving. . I live with family and will try help out as much as possible. I have no money coming in. Should I try to get part time job or focus on bettering myself and going to church? I also have paranoia makes it hard complete tasks and be around people. I do receive food stamps help out with feeding me


Yeah ive gotten trouble for not working. I ger ssi so I do contribute to household expenses.

You should look for a job.

What if I’m unable to work ?

Try to find some vocational rehab.

Thanks or do just try disability SSI until i get it.i worry about getting fraud SSI for being able to get on Facebook some,read books for one sentence read down what read and think then can’t concentrate,go to church sometimes and go to grocery store with family but unable to do much and I pace and can’t focus


I think it’s fine not to work. A lot of us get social security or some kind of assistance. It’s good that you go to church and the grocery store. I just think it’s a good idea to get out more like go to support groups or therapy or do something that makes you happy but isn’t too difficult for you.


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