Some schizophrenia treatment are being delayed

Probably due to covid, ulotaront is planning to launch in 2024 instead of 2023


Does the Positive and Negative symptoms scale include cognitive symptoms?

No but it’s tested to treat cognitive symptoms as well since they gave the patient’s a cognitive test and they performed better on the medicine

The negative symptoms scale is self reported with a survey

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Taar1 agonists are known to improve cognition in rats and human

I see. This is good news. It is a pity that the release is being delayed.

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With covid, everything that can’t be done online are being delayed…sadly

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Yes, the covid story never ends, with new variants emerging almost everyday now.

I think this way it will remain with us for the next 50 years or until a substantial portion of the population develops immunity.

Is this medication being tried for Bipolar?

I have schizoaffective, so I was wondering if it may control the Bipolar aspect of the illness as well.

I see no bipolar trials, only schizophrenia, 1 Parkinsons psychosis and 1 schizotype Phase 1 trial from years ago.
bipolar search


Tpo bad its getting released in 2024. That means it could be more then 2 years until its released in the usa. I was hoping to get put on it. I got a long wait though i need to wait for it to get approved in canada.

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Is the effect on cognition significant?

cognition study
This article says small cognition improvement during trial.


Well this delay sucks.

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Did it pass all clinical trials? So it will be approved by the FDA for sure?

Probably not yet that’s why it’s delayed.

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3 trials still recruiting, 1 trial estimated to run till November at the earliest.Phase 3 trials

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I’m sorry, but I can’t see where did you see that information that it will not be launched in 2023… There is a document from December 2021 that it will be launched in 2023:

There are 3 USA trials still recruiting with estimated completion date late 2022 at the earliest. After trials, it takes quite a few months to analyze data and publish results. It takes months to prepare New Drug Application. The FDA review and decision to deny or approve will take 6-9 months.

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