Uh Oh....not a good sign

So today I was experiencing anxiety. It wasn’t very strong but it was there, I’d say it was the same level of anxiety I got on about 2.5 mg of Abilify. I am really hoping it was some kind of freak accident or related to me drinking caffeine after not having eaten for 18 hours and not the geodon because akathisia is a hard no for me when it comes to staying on an AP and like I said only Risperdal so far has not given it to me out of the ones I’ve tried before.

I’m keeping an eye on it. It’s mostly passed now. I’ve been on 20 mg of geodon twice daily for 3 days now. I was on 20 mg of geodon once daily for 3 days before that.

So your options might be limited to olanzapine and quetiapine in that case :confused:

Hang in there. I have terrible akathisia on abilify but I keep it manageable with L-theanine.

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Yes that was told to me by the last psychiatrist I saw too, that the pines were best for not giving akathisia. But the pines are also notorious for weight gain and I am already slightly overweight. So I basically have to choose between obesity or an anxiety disorder. Lovely.

So far the only thing that has helped me was a benzo. Ugh maybe I just need to be on a benzo for the rest of my life too. Ughhhhh

However when I have a normal schedule i.e. socializing, going to class and work, and getting plenty of sleep my psychosis is pretty mild and manageable, with maybe an occasional flare up if I’m under large amounts of stress. So could be I just keep an AP around for times when I know I’m going to be especially vulnerable like this month. If it’s only for a set period of time I can tolerate it. If it’s for forever I can’t.

Anyway, here’s a thread on what people are using for anxiety.

Soooo benzo, theanine and one person did hemp oil (so weed?? Lol). Gues I’m trying theanine bc I don’t really want to go back on a benzo. Some people did antidepressants but that didn’t help me. Where do you get theanine? Like a rite aid?

You can get in at any herb/supplement shop online like iherb.com

You’d have to go to a store specifically selling supplements and herbs in your city if you didn’t want to order it online.

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I found different brands were of different effectiveness. But as you’re in the USA you could try this


I recently ordered it and it was effective.

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You get ltheanine on Amazon.

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Update the geodon definitely causes me akathisia because the anxiety came back when I took another dose. Ugh.

The l-theanine helps with my anxiety. I also take lemon balm which can help with anxiety, sleep, and day dreaming. Someone said not to take the lemon balm with abilify though, if you ever go on that.

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I will look for calming tea thank you!

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I think chamomile is good too as far as tea goes, I rarely drink it but I should more often.

I found vitamin shop and bought l theanine and a multivitamin! (Because of my worries of making sure I get enough nutrients that I mentioned before). Hope it works!

Geodon ruined my life, I have horrible mood, life-threatening heart problems, messed up sleep, and the worst withdrawal symptoms whenever I try to stop taking it, I’m thinking of going to the hospital today

Geodon can cause Anxiety @Anna.
It’s basically a crapshoot with this med.

You mean with all meds, because that’s been my experience.

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