Typhoon and a cool break from the summer heat

We are having a Typhoon passing by this region. Typhoon brings to us cool winds and rains. So the temperature has dropped from 35 to 28 Celsius. The usual summer temperature here is 35-38 Celsius (about 90-100 F). We usually have 8 weeks summer weather, and now the Typhoon is cutting 1 hot week from the 8 ones.

This is really a nice break from the hot summer. I have turned off the air-conditioners. After this Typhoon week, we are going to have another 3- 4 weeks hot summer, and then will be nice fall again.

In our region, either summer or winter is bad season with extreme weathers. But I hate summer most.


We had a little break in the weather here in California. It rained a little in July. Odd. Nothing like a typhoon though with cool winds and rains.

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That was nice. Rains in July is a rare treasure. Glad to hear that you had a nice break from summer heat, too.

Our summer hasn’t been as warm as it normally has been, we still have our air on though because the humidity is hot and sticky here. We’re kind of water locked by both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers causing the humidity to be horrible.

Can you have your windows open during a typhoon?

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No, I can’t leave the windows open when a typhoon strikes. It is usually violent. But when it has past the region, I can open the windows and enjoy the soft rains and the coolness.

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