TW Trump getting ill

In an email my step-dad floated the idea that Donald Trump was never really sick from COVID-19. It was faked for political gain.

It gets weirder and weirder and certainly behaves like it’s not a big deal. I think this will go down hill rather quickly.



I don’t think doctors would cooperate with it, plus these politicians meet many people, they are more likely to get it.

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I think it could be a positive movement, for the infected if he fought COVID-19 and helped the nation overcome the pandemic…

It would help if the rest of covid infected with symptoms would get the same treatment he did early, instead of being told to stay home until things get really bad requiring hospitalization - often leading to well you know. That’s actually the main complaint of emergency doctors. If covid would be treated early, you wouldn’t see so many dying or deaths from it.

Another thing to note is he was given vitamin D and zinc, and studies show that normal levels of both result in better outcomes. This is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media, and I found it in the health section of Washington Post.


I think he’s under a lot of stress… I would not be surprised if he really got it. Stress lowers immune system. Same with Boris.

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Well also these lockdowns aren’t done right anyway, and we’re getting more immunocompromised for a bad outcome if infected. The quarantine 15lb , and so on. People aren’t moving much, plus the stress eating, and losing minds.


You should see the list of powerful politicians that are infected.

Just goes to show that people really would hide their zombie bites and endanger the group lol

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I think that’s just another conspiracy theory.
Like @zeno said, these politicians meet tons of people and are more likely to get Covid


I’ve actually lost weight since this whole lockdown thing I ended up exercising more and no eating out at restaurants was a big one


Three theories:

  1. They doped him up (“I feel 20 years younger”) or gave him a drug that finally allowed him to sleep well.
  2. He faked it so he could pretend to recover completely in a desperate attempt to lessen the fear of the virus.
  3. He really recovered since most people reportedly do.
    (and those are the nice theories.)

I think he’s a sincere person. Don’t know him personally.

Trying to weigh the politics vs the “mainstream conspiracy theories are triggering” thing

All US presidents but one are related to each other.

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And in a related story, It was discovered that ET, the Olsen twins, Alf and Kim Kardashian all hatched from the same batch of eggs on Mars.


This would be a good year to have a presidential candidate bare knuckle boxing match.

Random question – Who was the forum member who kept posting threads about laying eggs in Natalie Portmans’s backyard or something along those lines? They left the forum some years ago. :egg: :thinking:

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@brucewillis but he anoned.


That guy cracked me up. We had a lot of fun with that egg thing.