TW. Some people deserve worse than jail

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Wow, those are sociopaths.

Hopefully the people they are in jail with figure out what they are in for.


Right now they are both out on bond.

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Pfffft. I hate the cash bail system. You got rapists who get out immediately and then people who stole five bucks rotting for months waiting for their court date because they can’t afford bail.


Sociopaths yea eww.

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I think you should have to go through basic psychological screening tests and classes and get a license to have children, there are many people that should not have them, or who have them for the wrong reasons and do sh*t like this.


I don’t believe in death penalty but I don’t believe in being let of so easily either as many seem to be able to pay money and they are free to go and can do whatever it seems.

I don’t believe in eternal hell and I don’t believe in death penalty not even for the worst most disgusting behaviour.

Rest of life in jail and never having children again or only aloud out after many years and monitored and rehabilitation or activity plan .

This poor kid.
Hope they didn’t ruin his life forever but that he will find peace and happiness.

People like that should not be aloud to have children or animals.ever.


Hard labor prison sounds like the ticket. They can move fifty pound rocks from one pile to another a football field away for 16 hours a day and be fed bread and water and sleep on a hard surface with no pillow.

Yep! That’s the reason I am not in charge. Child abuse in all its forms makes me very unsympathetic.


People who abuse children can ■■■■■■■ burn

■■■■■■■■ like this ruined my life


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