TW graphic injury Swallow hard and possibly don't look. Banned from Facebook. My leg right now

That looks badly infected. Please go tothe hospital!


You need to clean that up and go get antibiotics.

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I added a TW to the title so people know what they will be looking at.

That’s pretty gruesome, dude. What are you doing for it?

Wth. I’m recovering. I’m not flagging you. Whatever.

Never mind. Were putting antibiotic cream on it.

Geez who is this person? Phil wants to know why i attract this sort of thing.

/Gets popcorn ready/

Wow that looks bad

Nobody does that. Get serious help.


@Daze you need to go see a doctor ASAP
That looks pretty infected.

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He’s been suspended, @Daze. Sorry he was hassling you. You can always flag things in the future.


@Daze. You really need to go to the ER or to Urgent Care to have a doctor check out your wound. They will likely need to give you antibiotics through an IV. They also need to check if it is MRSA which can get bad very quickly and which requires special antibiotics.


So, aside from needing medical attention, what happened?! How did you hurt yourself?


Wow Daze. That looks very serious. Maybe have a professional take a looksey. You don’t want the infection traveling to your heart or elsewhere.



I have had wounds like yours myself, so this photo is not triggering me, It looks serious enough, though.

Since you have such a nice photo, there might be some doctor of yours to whom you want to send it?



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at first I thought that this looks like a diabetic ulcer but just googled them and they look much worse,I hope that is not the start of one

Thanks for asking and all replies.
It was job related.
I really banged up the other knee too when I fell over the steps and
In the rocks/landscaping.
It’s still sore, slight limp.
I just need
To air out my wound
Right now.
Will be alright.
I’m pretty
Sure it was 9 stitches.

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It does not need to air out. It needs antibiotics