TW graphic injury Swallow hard and possibly don't look. Banned from Facebook. My leg right now

Wow Daze. That looks very serious. Maybe have a professional take a looksey. You don’t want the infection traveling to your heart or elsewhere.



I have had wounds like yours myself, so this photo is not triggering me, It looks serious enough, though.

Since you have such a nice photo, there might be some doctor of yours to whom you want to send it?



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at first I thought that this looks like a diabetic ulcer but just googled them and they look much worse,I hope that is not the start of one

Thanks for asking and all replies.
It was job related.
I really banged up the other knee too when I fell over the steps and
In the rocks/landscaping.
It’s still sore, slight limp.
I just need
To air out my wound
Right now.
Will be alright.
I’m pretty
Sure it was 9 stitches.

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It does not need to air out. It needs antibiotics

I’ve been doing that.

The exit paperwork
Said to air it out.


Did the exit paper provide a phone number to call for advice? I would recommend that you call for advice.