Trying to think about supper for my kids tomorrow-poll

  • Baked chicken thighs, sweet and sour rice, corn
  • Chicken fingers, fries, cucumbers and carrots
  • Tuna sandwiches and chicken noodle soup
  • Farmer sausage patties, buns and raw veggies
  • Pork tenderloin, hashbrown patties and corn
  • Damnit now I’m hungry
  • Other-specify

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And they’ll need some Ranch dressing for the chicken tenders and fries… :yum:

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I vote for chicken fingers meal bc it has veggies with it

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Haha I.gave the kids all the options and they said the one no one said…farmer sausage patties on buns.


I like to cube potatoes and fry them, and a sausage patty and an egg just until slightly runny,
Then put it all on a plate and mash it all together, and

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