Trying to not eat as much when I first feel hungry

My meds make me ravenous. Like the munchies from weed it is a false hunger so I am trying to ignore the feeling for longer. I do eat eventually but trying to hang on longer.


So this is what I do: take a B complex vitamin, it will help make that hunger feel like something you can actually control. It also helps with ur satiation. Ap’s affect your body in so that your body doesnt know when you’re actually full. After a month of working out I notice I don’t crave carbs either, just apples and bananas. I’ve lost 5 lbs so far!


Very interesting @anon20742722 - @everhopeful and @Anna have both said the same thing. Will get some.

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I’m trying to control my ravenous appetite also.
For me the culprit is Depakote.
It’s so hard to control my appetite, but I’ve been trying a little harder.
Try drinkinking more water and eating more fiber.


I dont know if it would help from med munchies… but apparently sometimes when you feel omg hungry for some high calorie foods…its your body telling you that you are actually really thirsty… so instead of going for food right away try a glass of water… again idk if that will help with med munchies…

@Wave i responded before i saw you posted similar advice sorry…