Trying to look at memes

I’m just scrolling through memes on ifunny but words are really hard to read right now. Ghe world is spinning but thats okay. The feet are numb but that’s okay. The fingers are mostly numb but that’s okay, I like the feeling. Except for eors words* are hard to read.

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Some things I do to calm down are:

Put an ice pack on the back of your head. This will cool down your brain and reduce activity in your limbic system, where emotions happen.

Do a task with simple, clear steps. I like baking. I follow the recipe, and it’s easy enough that I don’t get frustrated, but it requires enough concentration that I don’t have room to think about other things. Cleaning also helps.

Engage your five senses. This will remind you what is real and what isn’t. Listen to soothing music. Smell something pleasant, like an essential oil. Suck on a hard candy. Look at pictures of things you enjoy. Feel something with an interesting texture, like a piece of Velcro or a stress ball.

Try to levitate something with your mind. You obviously won’t succeed, but it gets you to focus all of your attention on a single point outside your body, instead of on your thoughts. I like to use this on airplanes or in public places, because it doesn’t require you to move at all. It looks like you’re just daydreaming to observers.

Listen to a guided meditation recording


That’s a great one, thanks

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if you want to use an ice pack,dont. Use a cold object from the fridge not the freezer and pack it in a thin layer of you don’t get a shock or hurt your head.also that could raise your cerebrospinal fluid and create a chist

also that creates a little imbalance in the haeomostasis of the body because the ice pack will cool the body not the brain, the brains needs a steady temperature to function.

Cooling the body to much will only cause the body to consume more energy to stay at the same heat level, this will short term weaken the immune system and depending on how much you keep the ice pack ,the season, the body, i can see it go wrong in manny ways ,depending on the persons organism.

But it depends on the person i guess

Do you have a source? Because I’m almost certain that is false.

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im not sure if there is research on this because it would be very unwise to do it and dangerous.

This may happend in some cases of repetitive doing that.

I am going to research on it a little later .

People use ice packs all the time. They are an approved first aid device. Brain cysts are not caused by ice packs.

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The only thing even remotely close to what you are taking abbout is this unsourced article that discusses the dangers of sleeping a full 8 hours with an sick pack on your head. The only danger mentioned is frostbite. After 8 hours. Nobody should ever be icing anything longer than 20 minutes.

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What causes a brain cyst?

Many brain cysts form during the first few weeks when a baby is growing in the womb. Rarely, an arachnoid cyst might form because of a head injury or other trauma to the brain. In other cases, there may be links between a brain cyst and a benign or cancerous tumor. In many cases, the cause of a brain cyst is unknown

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i was wrong about moderate cold and csf.

You live you learn i guess :brain:

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