Trying to hide my life

I currently work nights unloading trucks and stocking shelves at a grocery store. I dont know how much longer I can keep my illness from my coworkers, who are by the way mostly pretty chill people.

Im not worried about losing the job or anything, but I do worry about what people think of me, so I try to hide as much about my life as possible from everyone I can.

I know some of you must be pros at this by now, what techniques have you learned to front a normal existence for yourself?

It was useful for me to not talk about my illness or any problem to my friends, and I could hide my illness for about two years by doing so


Thats the thing though, I do that. I dont even give clues as to being unwell (they don’t know I live with my parents etc.) its just that Im sure my behavior and demeanor gives it away somehow

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NAMI thinks we should tell everyone, to break the stigma

work is kind of different, do other people talk about personal issues there?


Short interactions with people.


Yes they talk about their lives like their relationships and personal stuff, not so much issues I guess. Thing is life basically is my illness right now, I just work, eat, sleep, mess about with music, hear voices and act paranoid lol


I don’t think there is a face of schizophrenia, likely they don’t know,

unless you tell them. I told a supervisor that I wrote a book on schizophrenia, and that I have it,

and she went around telling everybody I’m a published author on schizophrenia. I think she meant well, and I didn’t take it hard.


Youre probably right. I just get worried and a little paranoid sometimes. I didnt even really used to worry about this stuff

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it’s not necessarily something you should be ashamed of,

it’s not your fault you have an illness.

Maybe you need a med increase, or something to take your paranoid thoughts away.

I would hang onto the job, being poor is no fun.


I know, I just feel like theres a lot of stigma around this still, at least where I am. Wish there wasnt.

I think a med increase might be a good idea, Im only on 10 mg abilify right now, Ill see what my pdoc thinks.

Totally keeping the job though, youre right being poor sure does suck. Thanks for the advice!

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When I don’t want to disclose information, I answer a question with a question. Why do you ask?

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