Try the new Spambot 6000!

It slices, it dices, it brews your coffee in the morning. It has it all folks!

Need your morning slippers? Spambot6000 will fetch them for you!

Need a backrub? Spambot6000 can handle that!

:stuck_out_tongue: , haha, just messing around after seeing some spam. Wouldn’t it suck if a mod turned into a spammer? No way to suspend them without getting the boss involved. We would have to just endure it.


lol man

you got me !

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Is spambot made by the same company that made The Terminator? :crazy_face: :open_mouth:

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Yes! and it also is hooked up to skynet so you can be sure that your AI needs are sufficiently met. Only $1299.99 Monte! Be my first customer!

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All well and good, but the real question is, can I have sex with it?

Edit: nevermind just read that it slices and dices. I’ll take a big fat pass on that!

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