Troll accounts giving likes, trying to steal identities

Hey everyone. We have recently been dealing with a troll account. This user was kicked off the site several years ago, and occasionally resurfaces just to be obnoxious. We have been able to limit his movements to the point he cannot post anything on the site, but he does exploit a loophole that allows him to create suspicious usernames, and then like posts. Previously, they have been just profane or obnoxious names, but his most recent name, schizophreniablogsite dot com has surpassed obnoxious and gone directly into criminal behavior. There is a spot on the site posing as a store, where you can “order” things and give your credit card information.

DO NOT give your credit information to this site. This is a known criminal who is attempting to steal your identity. We have reported the site to the authorities, and are cooperating with them in their investigation, but we want to protect our members in the meantime.

If an account with a suspicious name gives you a like, please message one of us and @ the username in question. We will take action against the account.


Much love to the mods for keeping us safe. J


He must be a psychopath to try to scam mentally ill people in a schizophrenia forum.


Thank you for the information.


Yeah, the person with the screen name you mentioned liked a lot of my posts. I actually had a funny feeling about the person.


Wow thats scummy. Screw that guy

Thanks for letting us know, I wonder what hes trying to accomplish with this


@ninjastar is his account deleted or have you managed to find his e mail?

We know his name and contact info. It has been reported.


There is a new member with a suspicious name that just posted.

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This person gave me a like. What can I do?

For me the 27 likes were automatically removed after he was banned.

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That dude can steal my identity anytime. But the problem for him is…

I owe so many people so much money, he’ll never get a moment’s peace! :joy:

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Thank you Ninja for the heads up.



just wow…thank you @ninjastar and all the other mods for keeping him away…


Yeah I’ve gotten likes from pornographic names before, I just ignore them. Would just like to give the guy a swift punch to the gut just once. Not supposed to think that way though.

That’s bizarre. Why would someone want to scam a schizophrenia community? I’m glad the mods are on top of it. Thanks, @ninjastar!

I sometimes annoy scammers by telling them that I am a cop. They stop responding afterward lol