Troll is back

This time they have a username beginning with “treebeard”


its making me very uncomfortable

Can’t their email address be blocked from signing up? I thought discourse could do that. Then they’d have to create another email everytime they wanted to sign up.

not hard to create a new email though

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some forums can ip ban people entirely, is that something yall can do

on other forums they require your first 5 posts to be approved by moderators before they accept you as a real member

  1. Traceroute their ip address to find their isp
  2. Email abuse@theirISP with the time of day their ip was used. Their ISP may get the cops involved then or remove them as a subscriber.

Dont stress too much, he must be a very, very poor guy to be annoying mental ill people.


he/she is probably a disgruntled ex-member.

I feel for whoever it is

I hope we find a way to block he/she so they could move on with their lives and find better things to do


Maybe we can reach out…

Hey troll, what’s on your mind???


well said, I had nothing more to say

Yeah I saw the user too. He she heart my posts

They’re dedicated, I’ll say that much.


Hey buddy, whoever you are doing all of this hacking, if you’d like to talk this through with me, just let me know. Sounds like you’re in a tough spot in this moment.

I’m struggling too at this very moment. Drop me a line if you feel like shooting the breeze, okay?

Folks, just ignore the troll.

They are not hacking the site. They are just creating new accounts and trying to post obscene stuff. Try not to worry about it. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: