Trimming five years off my face

Didn’t shave for like 4-5 days. Was looking older than usual. Then I shaved and I look 5-10 years younger. I hate the interim period like 4-7 days of not shaving. Do you (males on the board) have the same problem as me. Like I look fine clean shaven. And I look fine with a beard. But I hate the in between period when the beard is growing in…looks weird.

I probably look very sloppy in the between period, but eh not worth the effort. I always think that I want to keep the beard but then I shower and I’m like “man, too much hair to wash.” My hair’s really thick.

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Lol I know the feeling. My hair is actually pretty thin but I’d rather be clean shaven. It itches and after like a 3 weeks it starts to turn blonde lol. Maybe I’ll have a permanent beard in my old ages.

I don’t really grow a lot of facial hair. I don’t even have to shave. Maybe im still going through puberty at 21.

Some people don’t get beards. But yeah you’re young so you still could. I had to shave at 21 but it wasn’t til this year I felt comfortable with a beard at all.

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I keep a trimmed goatee. the rest is clean shaven and I just got done waiting three days between shaving. I hate the itch of long facial hair.

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