Trimmed beard with clippers

It was getting to be a distraction. Kept twiddling it. So trimmed it short - pretty much as short as a beard can get without being stubble


Any photos? 155


That’s how I keep mine (more or less).

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I keep mine a short stubble

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I let it grow all wilde. About every 3 month i trimm or get it trimmed. I can’t imagine anymore shaving every morning as I used to. We have beardgrow for a reason. Woman usually don’t have beards.


I trim my beard with scissors too…used to have a goatee but lately I decided to grow out the rest of my beard…

…Unless you’re over 50.

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Had my barber trim the old beard last visit.

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Did they charge extra for the beard?

@anon94176359 Yeah like 10 usd

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