Treatment for negative symptoms MUST READ

I have been trying to get my negative symptoms treated with for 2 or 3 years now since i was diagnosed. And as of right now they are being treated. I tried the sarcosine on smartpowders like most of you but it didnt work. BUT then i tried the ProFrontal stuff. And it worked! it has been working for about 2 or 3 days now. Which the sarcosine from smartpowders would work for about a day then stop working. And also i felt different on the smartpowders stuff then i do on the profrontal. This is a legit person just trying to help out fellow schizos suffering from the negative symptoms. If the sarcosine from smart powders doesnt work try the Profrontal stuff. Can’t promise it will work for all of u like any medicine but it should work for most of you. Hopefully the supplement continues to be effective for me. Good luck!

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btw give the medicine two or three days to work. Thats how long it took for mine to work may vary.

Do you sell it? Where can you buy it.

You can buy it at Some psychiatrist sells it.

I don’t believe it work,tried all sort of sarcosine,nac…and I speak from 2 years of experimenting supplement to treat negative symptoms…i think only strong real medication work for negative symptoms not supplement

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Im not lying to anyone. This profrontal is working for me. Look at my older posts im a legit person im not trying to fool anyone. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 17 and am 20 now I suffered mostly from the negative symptoms after i got on antipsychotics. It was hellish. I almost took some sleeping pills but i didnt have enough. Then a couple weaks later things got better. I was just trying to help some of you who are suffering from the negative symptoms.


You haven’t sold me. I want some undeniable medicine that works against symptoms. Not some lame supplement that can’t even merit enough attention on the web to actually work for the MI. Until then…

What type of symptoms are you suffering from and how bad is it?

I agree there needs to be a med to treat negative symptoms I’m suffering how about you?

How is the Profrontal working now - almost 2 months later?

well its not working at the moment. my new strategy is to try two different supplements. sarcosine then desrine an so on.

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