Trauma and mind control and hindsight bias

I’m back! I just got done with a psychology test and I’m going to school for criminal justice. I saw my daughter over this past weekend and had a bunch of fun.

My hallucinations are beating, rape, and auditory hallucinations of people that are mainly military. Domestic violence with these said persons of hallucinations is constant. They never stop raping or beating me. It’s been this way since 2006. Nothing has changed, in fact, my symptoms have gotten worse and my health is beginning to decline and I’m losing strength of every type.

It’s only now that I’m practically on my deathbed with illnesses that these said military members show up. They want to finish me off as I’m blind to them and they want to rape me and use me as their plaything. This was done to me in the military and I go through it every day. I’m a combat veteran of 3 branches of military and nothing is getting better. They’re taking turns on me as I type to you all.

SOme of my family members have some type of hindsight bias as they think I did all this to myself, but I never asked for this life I was selected to live this way I believe. I believe my environment is completely controlled and I’m more of a slave than I ever knew in the past.

I hope some of you guys can relate to this if you have ever been sexually assaulted in the military or at work or school or home or wherever you know that it is a horrible thing. Please stay considerate and not let people get away with it.

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Hey welcome back @neveragain!

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Hey I got to post the evidence in case this is some neurological weapon that I’m being attacked with. Plus I missed you guys here I can talk openly about the illness without freaking out my surrounding people too much because they’re been through it.

I have to say that I think I may be a mind control asset, I’ve known about my involvement since around my afghan deployment in 2003. 911 happened during my first phase of basic training. So trauma in military is typical and the military sexual trauma happened all the time.

When I was 5, a pittbull bit my face and tore my cheek off and I had to get 2 plastic surgeries to fix my face. Now I have had a jagged scar on my face since I was five and I’m facially disfigured since. Lets say my home life wasn’t the best and I’m sort of wishing I was adopted.

My family doesn’t know about what I did in the past, and I don’t want them to get ideas that I was always this way. I know better and so do they, but they make up excuses not to see what’s going on. especially my father.

ANyways life is ■■■■ all the time, and I never once was elevated or got a break. NEVER.

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