Trapped elevator with whom

Great question
A female wouldn’t be able to take a piss Infront of a guy.
Nobody would want to be trapped with a gangster,
Who do you think


The Platform (film) - Wikipedia The Platform (film) - Wikipedia

Wrong, I’ve seen it women do it as well as any man, just a different style.

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there are worse things than just pee mate,

I cant think of anyone I’d like to be trapped in a lift with.

I am willing to be trapped with anybody that skipped the beans at supper.



You never skip bean day.

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I wouldn’t want to be trapped alone, probably would be the day I forget my cell phone.

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I once went out through the hatch in the roof into the hoistway and got out by opening the doors from the inside. Dumb dumb dumb.

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We had a new service lift for trolleys way back in the day. Broke down so much we’d keep a broom in the lift so when it stopped we could pull aside the indoor doors manually then use the broom to pop the outside doors.

No idea how it all worked but suspect the motors were getting water and shutting down which really did happen a lot…bloody lift well could be full of water.

Curiously the cabinet to hold the emergency phone didn’t have a phone or anything in it…thus the broom and other strategies…all this for $3.33 an hour!

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preferably a single woman about my age with a nice disposition, we could hit it off, she would have to have a sense of humour.

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