Tough English class

Lol, today’s assignment: read Alice in Wonderland!
Lewis Caroll is a pseudonym. Did you know that he was actually a brilliant mathematician who taught at Oxford University? He wrote several books on mathematics that were actually quite important. He was an early proponent of Game Theory. His reputation has suffered in the last few decades by scholars who were suspicious about his relationship with the girl that "Alice in Wonderland was based on.

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Some people with the CIA backgroud recommend Alice in Wonderland.

Dude yeah I’d like not read that at all…alice in wonderland really? I’m reading (against all enemies) rn…tom Clancy’s last novel…intense…

Or you could go mind warp and read that book…just a book right?

i love that movie… .the tim burton version…so cool.

" SPOON ! "… said the march hare, in his thick scottish accent.

take care