Alice in Wonderland


i identify with the character of the March Hare…" SPOONS ! ",
but when i get stuck in thought my wife always calls me The Mad Hatter , in an endearing way of course !
take care

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I remind myself of Edward Scissorhands.

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I can’t remember that movie too much, only that it gave me nightmares. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t like it.


Oddly, I dentify with Alice. When I was very young (around 5) some French guy gave me the two books on a train I was riding with my family. One of my favorite reads ever since then. I played the latest video game which was quite interesting as well not too long ago.


When I’m in a manic phase, I’m called the mad hatter in a nice way as well. :tophat:

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Well the door mouse got screwed so I wouldn’t want to be him. Some people I’ve met are the spitting image of the Cheshire cat.


i know a few people who look like the Cheshire cat too.
take care


I think I’m simply Alice, she resembles me anyway…


i love all the characters from that film even the bad ones, it’s a film about magical realms of possibilities, about inner strength and the courage that dwells in all of us.
take care