Today was a good day walked to dog

today was a good day, I cleaned up dog poop without complaint. I took the boxer/pit mix for a walk. she did good, pulled on the little. walked her a couple of blocks. my ankle hurt during the walk so that is why it was so short. I took my pills at the right time. maybe that’s why I am in such a good mood.


Good for you ccbrown!
I petted a cat today!

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yay! today isn’t starting too bad either. my partner brought me home a 44oz cup full of coffee. I had to reheat it but other than that it was appreciated. i have two appointments today at the same clinic. 10 I see my therapist and then at 11:30 I see the psychiatrist. wish me luck!

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And you didn’t even have to use your AK!

Good to hear your in a good mood, maybe I should take my pups for a walk but I’m too lazy🙃