Im curious what are your plans for today?

Im going to play on my computer then walk at the park. After that I will have a late lunch with my Mom


I have to go for a walk with ACT. I’m hoping to go over to ARMHS soon because they don’t have any walking groups. I hate walking in the hot sun and getting sweaty and my shins and ankles hurt when I walk and I hate that too.


I’m going to my clubhouse and then to a NAMI meeting. I already took my dog to the dog park this morning.


I went for a blood test and pdoc appointment this morning. Next I have a coffee meeting here in the community room but I will only stay 1 hour instead of the mandatory 2 hours because I wanna watch Ubisoft Forward at 3 PM Eastern Time.


This morning I read up about the election results.

This afternoon I had an appointment with my pdoc.

Then I went to the pharmacy.

Did some Spanish and ate some sandwiches.

Now I’m listening to the new CD of Norah Jones and put a pajama on.


Not strangling a stupid customer.


I too might see my mom tonight for dinner ! excited…beautiful summer day today with a high of 82 so I am happy today…just another Pauls Valley day. ha

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Watch TV, play some video games and go for a walk in the evening.

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I walked my dog three times so far today and it’s only 130pm.
I tell you this pup is wearing me out!

I wake up every morning at 530am and start tending to his needs like giving him fresh water, cleaning up his pen, taking him out for a walk so he can potty - rinse and repeat all day long

The good news is that things should get easier from this point on as he’s 7 months old now.

I love dogs and cats but taking care of my cat is a lot easier.

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