Today is the greatest!

So got a lot done down the cricket club and enjoying the fruits of some hard work. Just having a quiet drink and relaxing. I like the feeling you get when your physically tired. It is like what I assume victory feels like! Not that I win too often but every now and then every dog has it’s day.

Tomorrow I have no commitments besides my usual exercise and might help one of my brothers with moving. We shall see. I am not sure tomorrow will hold up to today but you just never ever know!

Tonight its our takeaway night and we are having fish and chips. Dare I say it! Today is the greatest! :slight_smile:


Cheers for a great day!


Sounds like you had a really busy and rewarding day. Fish and chips sounds very tasty!


I’m glad to read you are exercising and have had a great day.

Do you jog and play cricket as exercise?

I probably put on five kg in one month and I’m pretty unfit but had a short tiny jog which I’m happy about.lots of puffing though.hopefully will build that up soon and lose five kg or hopefully a bit more.

Good stuff that you are happy.

Enjoy your dinner.
Nice to have things to look forward to.


Yeah. I walk a heap and just starting to add jogging and more interval training. Get that heart rate up and then walk for a bit.

I’m keen to try bowling in cricket. It really is a challenge physically if your trying to bowl medium pace so I have a goal to work towards. I’m getting there!


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