Today is my birthday!


Its my birthday!
I am 42 but still celebrate birthdays as I can get pressies and celebrations
tomorrow my parents will take me away to where we used to live for one night I will treat myself to a cake and maybe some chocolate as well.


Happy birthday shellys12. Wish you good luck and fulfillment in the year ahead!


why thank you green
have a nice day


Happy Birthday to you too!


Happy Birthday,shellys12,your a nice girl and remeber be happy




Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday Anniversary. Mine’s coming up this Sunday.


Well - Happy Birthday! :smiley:


Another trip around the sun. Happy Birthday.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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I hope you have a very good birthday and you get to spend it with people who make you happy. :birthday:


happy birthday shelly12. live it up!!



Happy birthday! I hope that you enjoy your day, and that this treats you well!


Happy birthday! I hope your day will be special.


Happy birthday!!!


Happy birthday! Hope it is a good one!


Happy Birthday Shellys12!!! I hope you have an awesome celebration!


happy birthday.
take care


Happy Birthday shellys12! Hope you have a wonderful day, and year to come! :smile:


happy birthday Shelly! what a wonderful day for a birthday ! (my brothers birthday is tomorrow)