I am 42 today


HEllo. Today is my 42nd birthday. No plans except a doc appointment, a job interview then me and my youngest son are going to bake a cake. But still, I am not depressed about it that’s good. Turning 40 two years ago was hard but this isn’t so bad. Some years my b day is on MOthers day but not this year, I am taking my mom to lunch on sunday. Have a good one, desimb


Happy birthday…


Happy Birthday. As someone who has recently turned 42, I like to view it from this perspective…


wish your a Happy Birthday


Happy birthday! Have a great day.


Happy birthday :birthday:

Hope you have a good one and all is well with your family


Happy birthday have a good one and a great year ahead.


Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun baking a cake with your son.


Happy Birthday. :cake:


Happy birthday and good luck with the interview!


Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday hope you have a good day


Happy Birthday - and wishing you good years ahead


Feliz Cumpleaños! And many more!


Happy birthday. I hope you have a great day and that you’ll get spoiled with lots of presents


Happy Birthday! Hope you and your family are having fun on your special day!


Happy Birthday to a great age.


hope the day was uplifting and a great start for the year. happy birthday desimb hugs, judy


Happy birthday! Youre twice as old as me (meaning in a you must be wiser way)


Thanks all for the birthday wishes!! i appreciate it.