Today is a very sunny day, I like it

We have had a very good winter, many sunny days, today, f.ex. is very sunny, snow is melting, ice is melting, here is one photo from my neighborhood, all this ice and snow will melt before May, people have to change their winter tires to their summer tires around April 10th … today I’ll walk around a lot outside … I just love the sun.


Looky them lonely boats awaiting for the water, and people to return.


I really like the weather here now, the spring is arriving, some birds are already singing, I think I go to one bridge today and take good sunset pictures, this picture taking is my hobby and I like it, in addition I am a single paranoid sz man and so I can do whatever I like to do, especially because I have no children, probably tonight I am going to do what I did yesterday, watch a movie, start sleeping early and then wake up early in the morning tomorrow.

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So I walked to one bridge and took few pictures, here is one, not really a sunset picture, but the sun any way … I really like the weather we currently have here in eastern Finland …

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Du Er sexet!!!