Time to break free

I’ve never seen myself as cultured. Everyone tells me i am but really? I am living a traditional life that has no resemblance to my values. You know what time to break free and live how I want not how anyone else wants me to. Life’s to short to live it for anyone else.


I hope all your wildest dreams come true. good luck @Ish


Tell us all about how you want to live.


I want the freedom to choose my life partner the freedom to live on my own the freedom to make my choices without being made to feel guilty


choosing a life partner depends on the other people you need in your life. They figure your choice needs to please your family because of the years of dependence on them.

You need a support system, no matter how you choose to live. I’ve found that living without a support system can be a nightmare.

I want to see the Broadway musical Hamilton.

I am trying to get my brother and dad on board for the TMBG concert.

I don’t want to be a not either.

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