Three ring circus health care

Their is a weird thing about how MH interacts together in the UK, kinda inter service and they do send copies of correspondence to your GP’s, who then prescribe you the suggested medications.

So Pdocs, don’t ‘normally’ prescribe pills outside of a inpatient facility your GP does but only after their asked to. The GP’s normally work on the physical side and voice any concerns back to the CMHT.

Then you have Nurses, who have regular case load meetings and they are who you normally interact with about your MH and they sort out things like referring you to a pdoc etc.

Then their might if they haven’t run far far away be a clinical phycologist on the team, sometimes just nurse therapists instead, but seeing them can take a while… I had to wait 1.5 yrs for CBT…

I have to say once you kinda understand / get the system it’s like having a diploma in mental health LOL